How it works

PPFM bacteria live on all plant surfaces and inside plants. They form complex symbiotic relationships with host plants and with other microbes in the environment. PPFMs utilize methanol and other plant waste materials, and produce necessary nutrients that the plant absorbs. Bacterial members of the microbiome are essential to plant health and growth.

Photo of employees in NewLeaf Symbiotics lab

Why it's important

Feeding a growing population with sustainable agricultural solutions is one of the world’s great challenges: doing more with less. NewLeaf Symbiotics’ Prescriptive Biologics™ technologies, and the sustainable biological products being developed by the company, represent a breakthrough in plant science. NewLeaf Symbiotics seed treatments, in-furrow applications, and foliar sprays can complement traditional products and reduce pesticide load in the environment. PPFM bacteria and associated microbes increase plant health, improve nutrient uptake, and extend the window of crop protection.