Our Mission

NewLeaf Symbiotics is dedicated to discovery and development of sustainable agricultural products based on PPFM bacteria and related microbes.

The Company

NewLeaf Symbiotics was formed in 2012 to research, develop and commercialize products based on one of the most prevalent, beneficial bacteria found in nature: PPFMs (Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophs). NewLeaf Symbiotics has developed a bioinformatics platform – Prescriptive Biologics™ Knowledge Base - as a tool to support and develop its proprietary technology.

NewLeaf Symbiotics has filed a broad range of patents, and is actively developing new technologies related to PPFMs and other microbes. NewLeaf Symbiotics plans to introduce its first products to the market in late 2017.

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  • Photo of Thomas Laurita

    Thomas Laurita

    President and CEO

  • Photo of Stephen Kahn

    Stephen Kahn

    Sr. Vice President and CFO

  • Photo of Janne Kerovuo

    Janne Kerovuo, Ph.D.

    Vice President Research & Discovery

  • Photo of Desmond Jimenez

    Desmond Jimenez, Ph.D.

    Vice President Product Development

  • Photo of C. Michael McFatrich

    C. Michael McFatrich

    Vice President Business Strategy & Development

  • Photo of Todd Mockler

    Todd Mockler, Ph.D.

    Senior Genomics Consultant

Discovery & Development

  • Photo of Sarita Chauhan

    Sarita Chauhan, Ph.D.

    Director of Fermentation

  • Photo of Doug Bryant

    Doug Bryant, Ph.D.

    Manager, Genomics

  • Photo of Brock Waggoner

    Brock Waggoner

    Manager, Field Biology / Agronomy

  • Photo of Natalie Breakfield

    Natalie Breakfield, Ph.D.

    Lead, Molecular Biology

  • Photo of Rachel Floro

    Rachel Floro

    Lead, Plant Biology

  • Photo of Kimberly Allen

    Kimberly Allen

    Lead, Microbiology & Lab Manager

  • Photo of Kishore Nannapaneni

    Kishore Nannapaneni, Ph.D.

    Lead, Bioinformatics

Scientific Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Careers at NewLeaf

Are you interested in working at NewLeaf? We are hiring for a few positions. View them on our careers page.