Bioagriculture: Using the power of nature to strengthen crops.

What if we could make plants healthier and help them overcome threats like pests, disease, and drought? What if we could position growers to meet the needs of the growing population by strengthening crops – naturally?

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That’s why we have a singular focus:

To discover and create a new class of safe, sustainable, and effective ag biological products that empower growers to improve crop health and yield.

At NewLeaf Symbiotics, we believe the Earth’s solutions to better farming are all around us. Our team works with partners worldwide to discover and activate the potential of plants by using the tools nature gave us. We develop products based exclusively on a new class of Ag Biologicals called M-trophs (Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophs — one of the most abundant types of beneficial native microbes in the world).

M-trophs are bio-complements that function in harmony with existing technologies and agricultural practices. We believe that’s the key to sustainable agriculture. Better together.

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