Pioneering technology to unlock healthier plants and higher yields.

NewLeaf Symbiotics takes a revolutionary approach to agricultural technology. We’re harnessing the power of microorganisms to develop a new class of microbial amendments that boost plants’ nutrient uptake and protect against abiotic stress.

Better nutrient uptake means stronger, healthier plants that grow faster, yield more, and are more resilient to heat, drought, and environmental stress.

Getting to the root of the problem: Repelling corn rootworm in the soil

Our TS201 technology introduces a revolutionary new bioinsecticide to combat corn rootworm at the root. This first of its kind, EPA-registered bioinsecticide harnesses the power of PPFMs to fit into a farmer’s integrated pest management toolbox while also helping corn varieties grow to their fullest potential with stronger roots.
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The powerful microbe that’s changing agriculture.

We’ve zeroed in on a single class of ag biologicals with massive potential. Pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs - or PPFMs - are naturally occurring microbes capable of delivering powerful benefits at zero energy cost to the plant.

We’ve sequenced thousands of strains of PPFMs. Our proprietary screening engine identifies the unique nutrient-boosting and bioprotection characteristics of each strain and designs the ideal combinations to help a variety of crops achieve their full genetic potential.
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Putting breakthrough technology into the hands of growers.

Our advanced microbial products, NewLeaf Technology, gives plants a biological advantage from germination to harvest. NewLeaf Technology uses PPFMs to power both microbial inoculant and bioprotection products. It’s an ideal complement to crop management programs, encouraging healthy, robust plants and increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides. Products powered by NewLeaf Technology are available in convenient planter box and seed treatment applications.
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Purpose-Driven Leadership

NewLeaf Symbiotics is led by a passionate team of smart, experienced people dedicated to improving agriculture while protecting the environment. NewLeaf’s team consists of leading technical experts, with roughly one third of employees holding a PhD, and industry veterans with diverse commercial experience.

Laser Focus

At NewLeaf, we don’t get distracted by all the shiny microbes in the plant microbiome. We are completely focused on realizing the full potential of PPFMs. We’ve seen firsthand how these strains perform in field trials and as products, and we’re confident these amazing bacteria have more to show us. PPFM-powered microbial biostimulants are available now, and bioprotection products are on the horizon.

Demonstrated Results

We’ve conducted rigorous field trials since 2016 for our microbial amendment products. New strains are put through a series of small-scale and large-scale throughout the US and in select regions globally.