NewLeaf Symbiotics: A Plant Microbiome Company

NewLeaf Symbiotics is an agriculture technology company that discovers, develops, produces and commercializes a new class of microbial inoculants. These microbial inoculant products enhance nutrient uptake to improve crop health and increase yield. Our biocontrol pipeline includes a product paving the way towards a new solution for the billion dollar corn rootworm problem.

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Our Focus on a Single Microbiome

Our products are based exclusively on a new class of ag biologicals called pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs, or PPFMs — one of the most abundant types of naturally occurring, beneficial microbes in the world. PPFM technology complements other agriculture technologies and practices and maximizes performance in many areas.

The NewLeaf proprietary Prescriptive Biologics™ Knowledgebase identifies PPFM strains that are especially important for enhancing nutrient uptake to strengthen plants, increase root mass, and improve plant growth for higher yield and better crop quality. The Prescriptive Biologics™ Knowledgebase also identifies PPFM strains with biocontrol activity.

Our Products

NewLeaf Symbiotics commercially offers microbial inoculant (also known as biostimulants) products for corn and soybeans. Additional pipeline efforts include microbial inoculant targets in high specialty vegetables, like tomatoes and leafy greens, in addition to cannabis. NewLeaf Symbiotics is currently seeking EPA registration for a biopesticide pipeline product for corn rootworm mitigation and a biofungicide strain.

Current Commercially Available Microbial Inoculant Product Offerings

Terrasym Microbial Inoculants for Corn
Terrasym Microbial Inoculants for Soybeans

Diverse and Experienced Leadership

Our company is led by an experienced team of sustainable agriculture professionals based in BRDG Park at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, MO. Over 30% of our team members have a Ph.D.

Unmatched Depth

Most biological companies on the market today take a broad look at microbes in the plant biome. At NewLeaf, we focus all of our research and development on PPFMs. After sequencing thousands of PPFM strains, and following years of broad field trials, we know first-hand how these strains of PPFMs can provide benefit to a wide range of crops. NewLeaf has the largest genome sequenced collection of PPFMs in the world.

Proven Results

Since 2016, growers across the country have seen PPFMs improve nutrient uptake in their crops leading to a 2.0 Bu/A average increase in yield and a 75% win-rate for soybeans and a 4.5 Bu/A average increase in yield and an 80% win-rate for corn.