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NewLeaf Symbiotics and Talc USA Announce Exclusive Copack Partnership for 2022

NewLeaf Symbiotics to Deliver Proprietary Microbe Technology Alongside Talc USA’s Premium Seed Lubricant in Exclusive Copack Partnership for 2022

St. Louis, MO, Sept. 23, 2021 – Today NewLeaf Symbiotics® (NewLeaf) and Talc USA announced a partnership to bring an exclusive copack to the market in 2022. The copack – which includes NewLeaf’s proprietary Terrasym® microbial technology alongside Talc USA’s premium, micronutrient enhanced 80/20 talc + graphite blend – will be available to farmers for the 2022 growing season, empowers farms and retailers with an easy-to-use, ROI enhancing planter box application.

“We are thrilled to offer Talc USA’s industry-leading seed lubricant technology in conjunction with our new class of PPFM microbes as an efficient way to bring our technology to millions of acres with farmers,” says NewLeaf’s Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Helms.

Helms remarks that during customer conversations over the last six months, Talc USA was unanimously mentioned as the seed lubricant company on the market to consistently deliver the planting singulation that farmers expect. “Farmers are looking at the premium products from Talc USA as the new standard when it comes to delivering outstanding singulation. Especially as the use of larger, high-speed planters continues to grow,” says Helms.

Pairing Terrasym’s planter box microbial technology with Talc USA’s 80/20 talc + graphite blend provides benefits beyond improved singulation alone. In hundreds of replicated trials over five years of testing, Terrasym technology has proven to enhance nutrient uptake and help crops battle abiotic stressor throughout the season, ultimately resulting in enhanced nutrient acquisition, larger root mass development, and higher yields at harvest.

“NewLeaf has invested significant time, energy, and dollars into validating the unique class of microbes in Terrasym products across large-scale farm operations,” says Corey Hill, General Manager, Talc USA. “We see this opportunity with NewLeaf as a step forward in our mission to provide our leading premier seed lubricant technology to the marketplace with new innovative microbe technology to offer farmers a positive ROI (return on investment). Additionally, we are delighted to see companies such as NewLeaf realize the differences in seed lubricants, and how important this decision is to farmers. We look forward to the 2022 season and how we can build from this going forward.”

Under the partnership NewLeaf’s Terrasym 450 Planter Box Application for Corn and Terrasym 401 Planter Box Application for Soybeans will be paired with Talc USA’s 80/20 talc + graphite blend. The copack offers farmers and retailers the ability to conveniently mix and then apply to their seed in a convenient way that they desire as they focus on efficient planting during the spring.

Ag input retailer Sean Blomgren of Blomgren Seed cites he and his team are always searching for premium products and partnerships that will benefit their customer base. Even more, both Terrasym and Talc USA fit this bill to a tee. “What we desire on our farm, and the farms Blomgren Seed partners with, are delivery mechanisms that guarantee farmer success,” says Sean. “We’re extremely excited for the opportunity to have a premium product offering that simplifies our workflow and ensures high quality product delivery in a method that is convenient for farmers.”

Talc USA and NewLeaf are looking ahead to next generation products such as the Terrasym 409 product for soybeans that NewLeaf will offer for the first time in the 2022 crop season as well as the continued progress of NewLeaf’s corn rootworm mitigation product that was submitted to the U.S. EPA in January of this year, and pending approval, is projected to have available for the 2023 crop season.


About NewLeaf Symbiotics®
NewLeaf Symbiotics® ( is an agricultural technology company engaged in discovery, development, production, and commercialization of products containing beneficial plant microbes called pink pigmented facultative methyltophs (PPFMs). NewLeaf’s family of products, which are commercialized under the brand name of Terrasym®, help farmers increase yield by promoting stronger plants and better nutrient uptake, ultimately contributing to the transformation of agriculture towards a more sustainable future. Its 30+ member team is based in BRDG Park at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, MO.

About Talc USA
Talc USA  ( was founded on the belief in helping the American farmer increase revenue per acre by fortifying products with new technology and keeping its products 100% made in the USA. Through research, investment, and partnering with its knowledgeable dealer network, Talc USA continues to bring new and innovative products to the market.  The company has grown since starting in 2008 and is based out of Page, ND.

About Blomgren Seed
In the late 80s with the intention of diversification, the Blomgren family began looking at opportunities to serve the greater ag community through sales and services specifically tailored to benefit the local community. Since its inception in the late 80’s, Blomgren Seed ( has continually adapted as new needs and services have been needed in Central Iowa. Today they offer a wide range of services and opportunities for growers and commercial partners.  Their goal remains the same as it was 30+ years ago, “We will serve our community, one acre at a time.”

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