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NewLeaf Symbiotics Expands Terrasym Product Portfolio with New Planter Box Applications

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – NewLeaf Symbiotics (NewLeaf) has expanded its NewLeaf Technology product portfolio with new, convenient planter box applications for both corn and soybeanoffering farmers direct access to their proprietary microbe technology designed to enhance nutrient uptake, leading to increased root development, plant health, and ultimately yield.  

To-date, both NewLeaf Technology 401 for soybeans and NewLeaf Technology 450 for corn have showcased consistent yield performanceaveraging a 75% win-rate with a +2.0 Bu/A advantage in soybeans and a 79% win-rate with a +4.5 Bu/A advantage in corn. Already available as seed treatments, the addition of planter box applications for both products open the door for enhanced use by farmers and retailers alike.  

“The new planter box application provides retailers a convenient way to add value to their farmer customers without the stress of maximizing the already limited seed space for overseed treatment or investing additional capital in seed treating and in-furrow equipment,” says NewLeaf’s Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Helms. “Even more, it enables farmers to access our NewLeaf Technology technology directly by providing a convenient application method that works hand-in-hand with seed lubricants.”  

In preparation for this launch, NewLeaf partnered with Ag Ingenuity Partners, a business division of Advanced Agrilytics, LLC, to scale to scale data collection and verify the technology’s efficacy in commercial environments.  

“The robust third-party work with Ag Ingenuity Partners ensured we had data, farmer feedback, and large-scale field experience to review before launching this technology with this application method,” reports Dr. Allison Jack, Technical Product Manager for NewLeaf. “Specifically, it demonstrated three key things: NewLeaf Technology is compatible with all commonly used seed lubricants; there are no negative impacts to seed singulation with the most common planter types; and that NewLeaf Technology microbes are well distributed on seeds across large-scale fields.” 

For George Harris, Jake Hoalt, and Blake Jones – the trio behind Xceleration Ag LCC – the convenience of NewLeaf Technology’s new planter box application unlocks increased acre potential in their southern Illinois geography simply due to the logistics of seed treatment. “Once seed reaches the farm gate, even if the farmer wants NewLeaf Technology, it is tough to convince them to return it to our shop for additional treatment,” the Xceleration team states. “With data backing the efficacy of the new formulation and the ability to apply NewLeaf Technology directly at the farm gate, we ease the farmers’ mind by offering true in-season flexibility and avoiding the upfront cost of overseed treatment.” 

For the past two years, NewLeaf has taken an aggressive approach to accelerating commercialization of the products within their NewLeaf Technology product portfolio and is excited to continue delivering their proprietary NewLeaf Technology technology in a convenient, easy-to-use planter box formulation. As NewLeaf Symbiotics notifies states of the new application method on its label, NewLeaf Technology planter box applications can be accessed directly by farmers to strengthen crops across the country. 


About NewLeaf Symbiotics 

NewLeaf Symbiotics is an agricultural technology company engaged in discovery, development, production, and commercialization of products containing beneficial plant microbes called pink pigmented facultative methyltophs (PPFMs). NewLeaf’s family of products, which are commercialized under the brand name of NewLeaf Technology, help farmers increase yield by promoting stronger plants and better nutrient uptake, ultimately contributing to the transformation of agriculture towards a more sustainable future. Its 30+ member team is based in BRDG Park at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, MO. Visit NewLeaf Symbiotics at 


About Advanced Agrilytics 

Advanced Agrilytics, founded in 2015, is an agronomic spatial solutions company that provides farmers with actionable, customized strategies to deliver sustainable outcomes based on environments within a field. The team’s hands-on approach combines field specific data with agronomic research to meet farmers at the cross-section of technology and a personal agronomist. Visit Advanced Agrilytics at  


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