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NewLeaf Symbiotics Partners with IN10T’s FarmerTrials Network to Demonstrate Benefits of Microbial Ag Products

ST. LOUIS, Mo – NewLeaf Symbiotics (NewLeaf), a plant microbiome technology company, has initiated a partnership with IN10T® (“intent”) to test its M-troph microbial product line Terrasym® with farmers. The company will tap into IN10T’s extensive FarmerTrials Network to analyze the Terrasym® product line’s impact on root development, plant health, yield and other agronomic benefits in corn and soybeans. A key focus of this partnership will be evaluation of NewLeaf Symbiotics pipeline M-trophs that mitigate corn rootworm damage and are planned to be submitted to the EPA later this year for the registration process.

IN10T is a rapidly growing digital ag company that uses data science to optimize farming operations, product innovations and ag investments. NewLeaf will leverage IN10T’s FarmerTrial Network of more than 1,500 tech-savvy and influential growers to accelerate the time from scientific discovery to successful farmer adoption.

“Working with IN10T’s farmers to test Terrasym® in their fields is a natural next step for NewLeaf,” said Matt Helms, Chief Commercial Officer, NewLeaf Symbiotics. “We’re already seeing promising ROI for our current products and gathering this commercial-level data for our corn rootworm pipeline products will help us quantify the value of our products to farmers.”

“We are excited to begin our work with NewLeaf and engage our FarmerTrials Network in evaluating Terrasym Technologies,” said IN10T CEO Randy Barker. “Seeing how the Terrasym products perform across a wide range of farms will provide great insights and momentum to NewLeaf’s commercial growth.”

Participating farmers will treat fields with Terrasym® products beginning this spring and will report on crop performance throughout the growing season. Farmers benefit from being among the first to test cutting-edge technology that can significantly improve their growing results.

Real-time metrics on stand count, emergence, vigor, nutrient uptake, root mass, vegetative index, grower surveys and yield will provide additional validation beyond the estimated five hundred thousand acres of current commercial products going into the ground in 2020.

“We know that farmers are looking for strong research-backed technologies to help solve agriculture’s most difficult challenges and maximize operational efficiency; and biologicals rate high in interest and opportunity,” Helms continued. “We’re looking forward to conversations with farmers at Commodity Classic to help them better understand how M-trophs can help solve their growing challenges in a very sustainable way.”

NewLeaf will be exhibiting at Commodity Classic, Feb. 27-29, 2020, in San Antonio, Texas at booth #1583.

About NewLeaf Symbiotics

NewLeaf Symbiotics is an agricultural technology company engaged in discovery, development, production and commercialization of products containing beneficial plant microbes (M-trophs). NewLeaf’s family of products helps farmers increase yield by promoting stronger plants and better nutrient uptake, ultimately contributing to the transformation of agriculture towards a more sustainable future. Its 40+ member team is based in BRDG Park at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, MO. Visit NewLeaf Symbiotics at

About IN10T:

IN10T is a digital agriculture company founded in 2016 to solve farmer adoption challenges in agriculture. IN10T creates end-to-end, custom digital and data science solutions for customers in agriculture and those investing in agriculture. IN10T has experience solving for: adoption (product and platform), product commercialization, startups, strategy, sentiment, customer journey, grain marketing, predictive modeling, agronomy, data analytics, business development and signal processing.

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