Mario Medalla

Throughout my professional career I found myself jumping between QA and laboratory roles.  I loved working in the lab, but in general they left me feeling unfulfilled, and when I worked in a QA role (which was a little easy) I found a strict office environment was not what I was looking for right now.   

In 2020 I was picked up by a consulting firm which gave me the idea to travel around the country and possibly the world.  My first contract brought me to Saint Louis as a QA consultant working for a pharmaceutical company, and I figured I’ll travel around a bit until I find a city I like with plenty of opportunities.   I ended up loving this city so much, and once my contract ended I decided to permanently move.  NewLeaf was the 3rd company I worked for since my initial arrival and I can for sure say working with people you enjoy being around makes coming to work so much easier.

I’m told I ran out of space so here are some words:  Cats, fish, plants, hiking, games.