NewLeaf Symbiotics® stands behind the science of its Terrasym product line for corn and soybean. And, now with a convenient planter box application method, we are confident that Terrasym has what you need for your crops.

To enable farmers to take a full look at this innovative microbial technology, NewLeaf Symbiotics is offering new customers our Farmer Satisfaction Promise for the 2022 season to remove any potential perceived risk the farmer may have around technology adoption. If a farmer does not have an economic return that covers the cost of Terrasym and meets all of the 2022 qualification requirements, NewLeaf will provide the farmer with free product for the 2023 season. This program is only available for new farmers and retailers utilizing Terrasym across 1,000+ combined acres


NL Corn Carbondale



  • Trial design can vary by field and/or operation
  • Soybean: At minimum, split the field (see examples 1 and 3)
  • Corn: Split planter (i.e, 24 row planter, 12 row head), side-by-side, block, strip trial
  • Requires 1-2 validation fields per crop where Terrasym treatment/ application is the only differing variable*
  • Supply digital proof including yield outcome and treatment location to field a claim, i.e., raw field data or harvest summary reports from any digital platform

*If treated acres exceeds 2,500, the farmer works with their local retailer to agree upon a plan for the number of validation fields per crop

Example plots



  • •NewLeaf will ensure the farmer has a positive financial return by using eligible Terrasym-based products on their acres, which include: Terrasym 401, 409, 450 (as standalone or as copack with Talc U.S.A. 80/20), Terrasym 401 + DUST, and Terrasym 450 + DUST.
  • If a farmer who purchased Terrasym from a qualifying retailer does not have an economic return that covers the cost of the Terrasym product(s), NewLeaf will provide the farmer with free product for the 2023 season on redeemed acres.
  • In order to be reimbursed, farmers must submit FieldView, Granular, Deere, Case, AgLeader, or other yield monitor digital data for any claimed fields that do not provide an economic return.
Product Terrasym 401* Terrasym 409* Terrasym 450* Terrasym 401 + DUST Terrasym 450 + DUST
Cost Per Acre $4.35 $4.35 $4.35 $4.35 $4.35

*eligible as standalone or as copack with Talc U.S.A 80/20

NL Soybeans Carbondale
NL Corn Harvest


  • The farmer splits the field. Either half of the field receives an application and half does not, or the planter is split where half of the field receives an application and the other half does not.
  • Seed treater or farmer sends one cup of Terrasymtreated seed to a third party to verify presence of product on seed (details communicated in Satisfaction Promise checklist, outlined on the next page).
  • Measurement uses the average across all acres (if multiple fields/farms, in aggregate).
  • Submit claim electronically to NewLeaf at by December 1, 2022. Free product will be shipped by March 1, 2023 on redeemed acres. Contact NewLeaf via the email above or reach out to your local Terrasym rep for a claim submission form.