Pink Performance

NewLeaf Symbiotics: Champions of Pink Performance

How PPFMs Can Change the Game

NewLeaf Symbiotics is the global leader and pioneer of Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophs, otherwise known as PPFMs. For more than 10 years, NewLeaf has focused on the potential solutions available through PPFM technology, with a library of more than 12,000 strains and an IP portfolio of 196 patents across 31 families. And we at NewLeaf wholeheartedly believe that PPFMs can revolutionize modern production agriculture. 

What makes PPFM technology so strategically important to the future of the agriculture industry? 

    • PPFMs are naturally occurring microbes that use methanol as a carbon source, meaning there is little to no energy cost to the plant
    • PPFMs can colonize the entire plant for season-long symbiotic benefits
    • PPFMs are effective as biostimulants and bioprotection
    • PPFMs require only one application per crop and achieve greater efficacy than many other biological strains
    • NewLeaf PPFM technology is available as both dry water-soluble powder and liquid formulations, making it compatible with many application methods
    • NewLeaf has a pipeline to leverage PPFM technology via specific strains for nitrogen use efficiency and methane mitigation

NewLeaf Makes PPFM Technology Accessible and Actionable

NewLeaf’s PPFM Development

NewLeaf identifies pipeline PPFM strains through R&D activities, which can typically be scaled up through pilot and be ready for transfer to the commercial process in less than six months. 

Pipeline candidate strains are isolated from environmental samples acquired through diverse ecological niches and tested through lab and greenhouse research trials. 

PPFMs are metabolically diverse but closely related. Our development process allows NewLeaf to understand which strains offer specific outcomes and are ready for commercialization.

NewLeaf’s PPFM Product Formulations

NewLeaf’s PPFM technology are available in two product formulations – powder and liquid.

    • Our powder formulations are currently available for planter box application and as a water soluble powder 
    • Our liquid OD and SC products have been formulated for various delivery systems, including seed treatment, in-furrow and foliar spray
    • We also have formulations in development for fertilizer impregnation

Harnessing the Power of PPFM Technology to Repel Corn Rootworm in the Soil

Our TS201 technology introduces a new bioinsecticide to combat corn rootworm at the root. This first of its kind, EPA-registered bioinsecticide harnesses the power of PPFMs to fit into integrated pest management toolbox while also helping corn varieties grow to their fullest potential with stronger roots.

PPFM Technology Business Segment Opportunities

With our unique and multi-faceted PPFM technology, NewLeaf is well positioned relative to other biologicals to impact row, specialty and non crops across various modes of action, application methods and geographies with a high level of efficacy in a sustainable way.

Mode of Actions

Biostimulant, Bioprotection (2024 Corn Rootworm) 

In Development
NUE, Methane Mitigation

Application Methods

In-furrow, Seed Treatment, Planter Box, Foliar, Transplant Drench, Irrigation Injection, Granular Coating/Impregnation

Row Crops

Corn, Soybean, Cotton (2024), Peanut (2024)

In Development
Wheat, Rice, Rapeseed/Canola, Sorghum

Other Targets
Potato, Sugar Beet, Onion, Carrot, Sugarcane, Barley, Dry Beans

Specialty Crops

Transplant Vegetables, Melons, Cucurbits (2024)

In Development
Strawberry, Lettuce, Legumes

Other Targets
Cassava, Coffee, Pineapple, Banana, Cocoa Beans, Tree Fruits and Nuts


In Development
Herbs, Ornamentals, Turf, Lawn and Garden


North America, Europe, Brazil, Latin America, China, India, Rest of Asia, Australia

Sustainable Agriculture Goes Pink

PPFM technology demonstrates strong impact on air, soil and water quality, and NewLeaf is working hard to ensure that its products will continue to provide positive results not only to our partners and growers, but also to the world around us well into the future.

Best-In-Class Technology Stewarded by Best-In-Class Leaders and Investors

Scientific rigor is the backbone of NewLeaf Symbiotics. We have 44 employees, with 13PhD or doctorate level, 10 Masters, 15 Bachelors level of education, bringing new PPFM possibilities to fruition.

NewLeaf Symbiotics has also assembled a highly skilled leadership team with great depth of experience to guide the company and technology forward.

Brent Smith
Chief Executive Officer and President

Shawn Semones, PH.D.
Chief Technology Officer

Aaron Kelley, PH.D.
Chief Commercial Officer

Molly Edwards
General Counsel and VP Human Resources

Natalie Breakfield, PH.D.
VP Research and Development

David Flack
VP Business Development

Michael Frodyma, PH.D.
VP Manufacturing Operations

Nicole Phillips
VP Marketing

David Purschke
VP Finance

In addition, NewLeaf has attracted a variety of investors to further research and development efforts as we work to find additional uses cases for PPFM technology and adjacent technologies.