Soybean and Sunflower


Biological breakthroughs for stronger soybean crops and higher yields.

Naturally occurring microbes empower every plant to reach its full genetic potential.

NewLeaf Technology enables plants to draw in more nutrients and use them more efficiently, unlocking the path to stronger, more vigorous growth and resilience. Our microbial amendments live in true symbiosis with row crops, providing benefits throughout the growing season at zero energy cost to the plant. 

Products with NewLeaf Technology harness the power of PPFMs, helpful bacteria found all over the world in interdependent relationships with plants. Our proprietary bioinformatic platform enables us to screen thousands of microbe strains and select unique combinations to provide specific outcomes for each crop we support. NewLeaf Technology biostimulants for soybean and sunflower improve nutrient uptake, support earlier and more vigorous root development, and help plants defend themselves against the growing threat of abiotic stress such as heat and drought.


We’re working with nature to advance sustainable, high-yield agriculture.

Soybean products powered by NewLeaf Technology position plants to get the maximum benefit out of a complementary crop management program. Adding our naturally occurring bacteria can improve the effectiveness of fertilizer and other crop inputs.

How NewLeaf Technology for Soybean and Sunflower Works

PPFM Application

Root Colonization

Nutrient Uptake

Methanol Consumption


In extensive field trials, NewLeaf Technology products for soybean have shown:

Average yield increase of 2 bushels per acre
win rate
+2.0% Bu/A advantage
Total root area
Rooting depth
Leaf tissue iron concentrations (ppm)



Soybean and Sunflower Products Powered by NewLeaf Technology

Growers, talk to our distributors about choosing the product and application that’s right for you.

*Microbial Inoculant

Around August, I called another farmer and said, ‘Hey, I’ve never seen soybeans filled to the top like this – just this stack full of pods.’ We went in the field, circled out a 30-acre spot, and could see a five to six bushel yield advantage on the NewLeaf Technology treated soybeans.

– Tom F., Slater, IA

STEP 1: PPFM Application

Scientifically selected PPFMs are applied through the planter box. These beneficial bacteria form a natural symbiotic relationship with plants, improving nutrient uptake and resilience under stress.

STEP 2: Root Colonization

As broad plant colonizers, PPFMs spread from the seed surface across a plant’s roots and leaves. They support stand establishment, promoting consistent emergence and larger root systems.

STEP 3: Nutrient Uptake

As the plant grows, the bacteria continue to elevate its nutrient uptake. They also secrete beneficial molecules into the root zone to bind and transport yield-enabling micronutrients.

STEP 4: Methanol Consumption

Since PPFMs consume methanol, a byproduct of the plant’s metabolism, they colonize at zero energy cost to the plant, leaving more energy available to the plant for increased chlorophyll content and enhanced photosynthetic efficiency, both of which translate to increases in yield.