Proven to Increase Yield & Improve ROI


Proven to Increase Yield & Improve ROI 

Since its inception, NewLeaf Symbiotics has partnered with a variety of contract research organizations, INTENT® FarmerTrials®, and worked directly with growers across the country to develop microbial inoculant ag biologicals that increase plant nutrient uptake, and improve abiotic stress tolerance for corn and soy. NewLeaf Symbiotics has also developed bioprotection pipeline products for corn rootworm.

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Beck's Hybrids Practical Farm Research Trial Results – 3 Seasons of Trialing

Terrasym 401 Microbial Inoculant for Soybeans under iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC)

+1.5 Bu/A advantage 
$12.71 net return per acre

Terrasym 450 Microbial Inoculant for Corn

+3.8 Bu/A advantage
$12.45 net return per acre

INTENT FarmerTrials® Results – 1 Season of Trialing

Terrasym 401 Microbial Inoculant for Soybeans

75% win-rate
+2.0 Bu/A advantage
+9.6% Total root area
+5.7% Rooting depth
+19.4%  Leaf tissue iron concentrations (ppm)


Terrasym 450 Microbial Inoculant for Corn

80% win-rate
+4.5 Bu/A advantage

+6.2% Total root area
+5.2% Rooting depth
+9.0% Nodal root length
+17.5% Leaf tissue iron concentrations (ppm)
+12.6% Leaf tissue manganese concentrations (ppm)

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*pending EPA approval

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2020 Yield Success Stories


Terrasym 401

When I think of Terrasym, I think of all the science behind it. Everything at NewLeaf Symbiotics is PhD-driven. They’re actually creating a product and constantly working to better it.

Matt Storby;
Lake Mills, IA


Terrasym 450

My farm is poorly drained and has wet soil, so we chose to use Terrasym 450 to help improve our yields. We've collected the last five years worth of yield data. After using Terrasym, we beat it by 10 bushels. But we did make one mistake: We didn't do the whole thing. We should've used both sides of the planter.

Steve Johnson;
Ames, IA

* Source: 2020 IN10T FarmerTrials® data. Performance may vary from location to location and from year to year as local soil, climate, and/or other conditions change. Always read and follow label directions. Check state registration to make sure product is registered in your state. NewLeaf Symbiotics® and Terrasym® are both registered trademarks.