About Us


Working with nature to unlock the future of sustainable agriculture.

We’re delivering biological innovation to increase crop yields while benefiting the environment.

NewLeaf Symbiotics was founded on a radically simple idea - what if we could dramatically improve plant health and crop yield by harnessing the power of plants’ own natural microbiome?

Pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs - PPFMs - are naturally occurring microbes found on nearly every plant in the world. These beneficial bacteria live in symbiosis with plants, consuming byproducts of plant metabolism and delivering a range of benefits throughout the plant’s lifetime.

NewLeaf Symbiotics specializes in the deep exploration of this single class of beneficial bacteria. After sequencing thousands of PPFM genomes and conducting extensive research and field trials, we’ve developed products that work with plants’ own biology to make them stronger, hardier, and higher yielding. And our work has just begun.



How our vision came to life.

For decades, scientists knew PPFMs co-existed with plants, but the benefits packed into these tiny powerhouses were unrealized. Through his research, Dr. Mark Holland of Salisbury University came to believe PPFMs had the untapped potential to revolutionize agriculture.

Dr. Holland was an early advisor to NewLeaf Symbiotics when the company launched in 2013. Over the next decade, NewLeaf would collect a portfolio of more than 12,000 unique strains of naturally occurring PPFMs and launch an ambitious program to fully genetically sequence every one of them.

NewLeaf is home to an enthusiastic team excited to blaze a new trail in sustainable agriculture. Our people share a passion for helping crops reach their full potential and for leaving the environment better than we found it.


Powerful tools for growers.

NewLeaf Symbiotics is developing next-generation microbial inoculants (biostimulants) and bioprotection products to give growers an edge over common crop stressors. PPFM-powered bioprotection products use the natural power of PPFMs to boost crops’ resistance to attack and mitigate the damage caused by pests and diseases.

Our PPFM-powered biostimulants use naturally occurring microbial amendments to enhance plants’ nutrient uptake, making them stronger, more resilient, and better able to defend themselves against abiotic stress like heat and drought.