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Unlocking the future of agriculture in unexpected places.

For years scientists knew M-trophs co-existed with all plants, yet their function was unclear.

The discovery.

Decades ago, scientists discovered that some of the most abundant microbes in nature — PPFMs or “M-trophs” — are also among the most beneficial. PPFMs deliver a range of important benefits for plants, even using by-products of the plant’s own metabolism as a source of energy.


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This discovery — and our passion for improving agriculture — led to the creation of NewLeaf Symbiotics.

We are currently developing products based on M-trophs for:

Corn Rootworm
Specialty Crops/Culinary Herbs
Leafy Greens

Terrasym is our PPFM-based technology which infuses plants with PPFMs that improve nutrient uptake, making crops stronger, more stable, and more tolerant of abiotic stress up until the day they’re harvested.

Terrasym technology is a new class of ag biologicals. At NewLeaf we’re well on our way to making agriculture better by working together to provide real, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of a growing population.