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Unlocking the future of agriculture in unexpected places.

For years scientists knew pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs) co-existed with all plants, yet their function was unclear.

The discovery.

Decades ago, scientists discovered that some of the most abundant microbes in nature — PPFMs — are also among the most beneficial. Pink in color, these naturally occurring microbes are present on nearly all plants around the world, and deliver a range of benefits to crops throughout the entire growing season. 


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This discovery — and our passion for improving agriculture — led to the creation of NewLeaf Symbiotics.

Founded in 2013, NewLeaf Symbiotics is positioned at the forefront of sustainability agriculture technology, with a singular focus on the development and commercialization of beneficial microbes, methylobacteria known as pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs).  

We are currently developing PPFM based products for:

Microbial Inoculants
Specialty Crops/Culinary Herbs
Leafy Greens
Corn Rootworm
Wheat Biofungicide*
*pending EPA approval

At NewLeaf, we’re well on our way to make agriculture better by working together to provide real, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of a growing population. Our PPFM based technology, Terrasym microbial inoculants, infuse crops with unique PPFM strains that are specifically selected for the intended crop to improve nutrient uptake – making crops stronger, more stable, and more tolerant of abiotic stress up until the day they’re harvested.