The pink powerhouses paving a new path for microbial technology.

Meet PPFMs - naturally occurring microbes that help plants reach their full genetic potential.

Pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs - PPFMs for short - can be found on nearly every plant on earth, but for years, scientists didn’t fully understand the role they play in supporting plant health.

These microbes evolved alongside plants in a symbiotic relationship. PPFMs consume methanol, a byproduct of plant metabolism, and produce molecules that help plants take in more nutrients, encouraging earlier, more vigorous root development.

The result is higher yields from plants that are stronger, healthier, and more resilient to environmental stress such as heat and drought. Some PPFMs also have bioprotection characteristics, helping plants defend themselves against pathogens and insect pests.

Mark Holland, a researcher at Salisbury University, believed strategic use of PPFMs could benefit agriculture at scale, enhancing crop performance. Dr. Holland was an early advisor to NewLeaf Symbiotics when the company launched in 2013.


We do one thing and do it well - 12,000 different ways.

At NewLeaf Symbiotics, we focus exclusively on researching and developing PPFMs. We have identified and classified more than 12,000 strains in this single class of beneficial bacteria.

To put our deep knowledge to its best use, we developed the PBK - the Prescriptive Biologics Knowledgebase™. This proprietary bioinformatic platform is far more than a genomic database. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, it serves as a genetic screening engine. This technology helps us identify unique combinations of microbes tailored to specific outcomes, accelerating successful product development.

Extensive trialing of PPFM-powered products over the past 10 years has proven Dr. Holland’s vision. The PPFM-based microbial inoculant products we’ve developed are shown to result in better nutrient uptake, leading to more resilient plants, and higher yields on crops.



How PPFMs are changing the face of agriculture.

The PPFMs in NewLeaf Symbiotics’ products are naturally occurring organisms that evolved alongside plants to form a symbiotic relationship. They work with the plant’s own biology to help it reach its full potential. The right strains of beneficial bacteria in specific combinations unlock the plant’s natural ability to take in and use nutrients, helping it achieve optimal health.

PPFMs make an ideal bio-complement for any crop management program. They enhance the effectiveness of growers’ existing portfolio of fertilizers and other crop inputs, allowing producers to use less product while getting better results.

PPFMs are easy to apply. Products containing NewLeaf Technology technology are available as seed treatments and planter box applications. These products work in concert with growers’ existing portfolio of products.