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Advancing plant performance with microbials.

Targeted application of natural agricultural biologicals improves crop yield, health, and resilience.

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NewLeaf Symbiotics is laser-focused on developing a single class of biologicals, pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs, or PPFMs.

These pink powerhouses have the potential to revolutionize agriculture by making plants naturally healthier and more robust, enhancing the effectiveness of other crop inputs.

We have sequenced the full genome of thousands of PPFM strains, and are working to sequence thousands more. Our deep understanding of these microbes makes it possible to match desired outcomes with the perfect team of PPFMs for the job.




NewLeaf Technology works with nature to build strong, healthy crops

NewLeaf Technology microbial amendment (biostimulant) products were the first breakthrough to come from our deep dive into PPFM biology. NewLeaf Technology biostimulants can be applied as a seed treatment or a planter box application. We have developed specific PPFM applications to meet the unique needs of individual crops. These microbes rapidly colonize roots and leaves, forming a symbiotic relationship with the plant as it emerges and grows. While taking zero energy from the plant, NewLeaf Technology biostimulant products enhance nutrient uptake, resulting in bigger, stronger plants with greater resilience to abiotic stresses, such as heat and drought, and increased yields and ROI at harvest.

Every one of our PPFMs is a naturally occurring organism. These microbes have evolved alongside plants and are already perfectly suited to benefit plant development without any need for genetic modification.

The next generation of PPFM technology is enhanced biocontrol - or, more accurately, bioprotection. To mitigate damage from pests like corn rootworm, we are developing EPA-registered products that empower plants to better protect themselves.

Select PPFMs to best fit specific crop attributes and growing conditions

Increase effectiveness of existing agriculture products

Improve nutrient uptake to strengthen plants

Naturally colonize plants for long-term strength

Conserve plant energy and increase nutrient absorption


Extensive field trials prove our agricultural biologicals work.

NewLeaf Symbiotics works with third-party research organizations and growers to test our microbial products. Testing begins with years of small-plot trials. The best PPFM strains from those trials are then tested at a commercial scale in a variety of geographies.

The results of these commercial trials reveal the incredible potential of PPFMs. Higher yields, greater nutrient uptake, and enhanced rooting are observed again and again. As a complement to a grower’s existing crop management program, products powered by NewLeaf Technology can allow growers to get better results from their other crop inputs.


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