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NewLeaf Symbiotics Introduces New EPA-Registered Biocontrol Treatment to Repel Corn Rootworm at the Root

The proven and first-of-its kind TS201 technology protects corn crop from the highly adaptable and devastating Corn Rootworm pest while driving yield advantage

ST. LOUIS – NewLeaf Symbiotics, the global leader and pioneer of pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs), has announced the launch of TS201, its first EPA-registered biocontrol technology to repel Corn Rootworm (CRW) pest activity and help corn varieties grow to their fullest potential with stronger roots. CRW is an increasing threat to farming operations and corn crop yields with the rise of insect variants that are adapting and thwarting historic methods farmers have used to manage and control the pests.

NewLeaf’s TS201 technology introduces a new mode of action for CRW control, priming the plant’s own defenses to produce a compound that repels larvae at the root. Designed to complement existing crop protection and trait strategies, TS201 is extremely effective in repelling CRW and boosting root mass. When paired with the NewLeaf corn biostimulant, it provides yield protection both with and without CRW pressure. 

“Protecting corn varieties from devastating CRW has been a growing pressure for farmers, especially since pest variants are outlasting crop rotation and lying dormant for years. Ahead of the upcoming planting season, we’re proud to introduce a new and research-proven solution to help farmers win that battle,” said Brent Smith, CEO and president of NewLeaf Symbiotics. “We’ve tested TS201 in lab assays and field trials to document its effectiveness and we found overwhelming success in the 10-year discovery and development process.”

NewLeaf’s lab testing has proven that when given a choice between treated and untreated roots, 80% of CRW larvae will choose an untreated root sample, while only 4% chose the treated sample. 

When applied in the field, growers also can experience proven yield advantages including significant crop retention, increase in yield, decrease in lodging and measurable results in root density. Compared to the standard root growth farmers look to achieve, the TS201 technology provided 9% more fine roots, 16% greater root surface area and 10% deeper roots. 

“This means that with our TS201 technology, the plant’s immune system is primed, it grows healthier through better nutrient and water uptake and is less prone to lodging compared to insecticide or traited management alone,” said Dr. Natalie Breakfield, Vice President of Research and Discovery at NewLeaf Symbiotics. “This is a year where growers are experiencing unprecedented financial pressures. Having a CRW defense plan is even more critical to ensure better yield results.”

NewLeaf’s TS201 technology is currently available through partnerships with Meristem Crop Performance in its GUARDX™ for corn product pending EPA approval, Low Mu Tech in its Terrasym 450+DUST™ + TS201 CRW product and AMVAC in its BioWake™ Prime bioinsecticide product. Additionally, NewLeaf is evaluating potential combinations of TS201 technology and other existing products ahead of the 2024 planting season and beyond.

NewLeaf has sequenced 6,500 PPFMs, which are natural pink microbes that originate on every plant, to develop actionable solutions to some of farmers’ biggest challenges: yield, crop protection, nutrient use efficiency and methane mitigation. In addition to the new TS201technology, NewLeaf currently offers biostimulant technologies for corn, soy, cotton and peanut.

About NewLeaf Symbiotics 

NewLeaf Symbiotics is an agricultural biotech leader that is focused on the discovery, development, production and commercialization of products containing a genus of beneficial microbes that are ubiquitous and naturally symbiotic with plants. The pioneer and global leader of pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs), NewLeaf’s technology outcomes include increased yield potential and sustainability indicators. Headquartered in the Ag Innovation capital of St. Louis, NewLeaf has filed more than 200 patents and patent applications and introduced its first biostimulant products in the United States for corn and soy. For more information, visit 


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