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At NewLeaf Symbiotics, we believe naturally occurring microbes called PPFMs have the potential to revolutionize the world’s approach to sustainable agriculture.

The first breakthrough in this new class of ag biologicals is called Terrasym. Terrasym products contain specially selected living PPFMs and can be applied in-furrow, on seed, or as a planter box application. Terrasym products establish a natural, permanent partnership with plants. This symbiotic relationship makes crops stronger, more stable, and more tolerant of abiotic stress throughout their life cycle.

Get to Know the Current Terrasym Product Line of Microbial Inoculant Product Offerings.

Increase yield through enhanced nutrient uptake to grow stronger plants.


Tailor PPFMs to specific crop attributes and growing conditions


Increase effectiveness of existing agriculture products


Improve nutrient uptake to strengthen plants


Naturally colonize plants for long-term strength


Conserve plant energy and increase nutrient absorption

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Each Terrasym product uses a unique combination of strains to bring out the very best in every single plant.

Terrasym is powered by our proprietary bio-informatics platform, Prescriptive Biologics™ Knowledgebase. We select and develop strains that fit specific crop requirements and growing conditions, and deliver the best grade and yield at harvest.

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