Microbes in the Field – Archived 4-2023

The power of beneficial microbes, all season long. 

NewLeaf Technology microbial inoculants from NewLeaf Symbiotics  are a new class of ag biologicals, using pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs) also known as M-trophs, to benefit crops in a multitude of ways from planting to harvest. Pink in color, these naturally occurring microbes are present on virtually all plants around the world and are proven to increase nutrient uptake, improve root mass, and more. Our proprietary NewLeaf Technology microbial inoculant technology allows us to selectively add specific PPFM strains to live in true symbiosis with the intended crop, resulting in increased yield and improved ROI. 

We believe that by harnessing the power of these naturally occurring PPFM microbial inoculant strains, we are helping growers make agriculture more sustainable by delivering more sustainable products. That’s the promise of NewLeaf Technology – Better together.

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The science behind Terrasym microbial inoculants.

Our science is powered by our bioinformatics platform, Prescriptive Biologics™ Knowledgebase (PBK), which helps us select and align Terrasym microbial inoculants to a particular crop and environment. This customizability and speed with which we can deliver innovative one-of-a-kind products are exclusive to Terrasym, and we believe the true secrets to its effectiveness.

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Terrasym advantages:

  • Can be used alone or as a bio-complement in combination with conventional agriculture products
  • Available as both seed treatment and planter/hopper box application
  • Enhance nutrient uptake
  • Increase root mass
  • Enable more robust plants
  • Proven to increase yield and improve ROI
  • Supports a more sustainable agriculture system

All Terrasym products are backed by NewLeaf’s Satisfaction Promise.

4.6 Bushel Advantage
  • 56.5 Without TS 401
  • 60.6 With TS 401
  • Without TS 401
  • With TS 401
Terrasym for Soybeans

Terrasym 401

The  unique PPFM strain that powers Terrasym 401, Methylobacterium hispanicum, is selected to benefit soybean production and deliver the opportunity to achieve a better and more sustainable yield at harvest. When used as a seed treatment or applied with convenient new planter/hopper box application, growers have seen significant results as a bio-complement to traditional crop protection products.

Terrasym for corn

Terrasym 408

The M-troph at the heart of Terrasym 408 leads to improved early season root development, resulting in enhanced nutrient uptake throughout the growing season. Field trials have shown an 8.9 bushel advantage compared to untreated crops.
Terrasym 408 is applied in-furrow.

Terrasym for corn

Terrasym 450

The early root development and season-long nutrient uptake benefits of Terrasym 408 are now available in a corn seed treatment. Growers have seen higher yields at harvest with Terrasym 450.

Terrasym for Peanuts

Terrasym 402

Terrasym 402 is designed to enhance nutrition uptake by peanut plants during critical stages of development. Terrasym 402, applied in furrow, even fits with other seed treatments, and delivers benefits throughout the growing season.

Four Locations
  • 3,915 Check
  • 4,279 Rhizobia
  • 4,403 Vault
  • 4,468 Optimize
  • 4,373 Terrasym 402
  • 4,702 Terrasym 402 with Rhizobia
  • Check
  • Rhizobia
  • Vault
  • Optimize
  • Terrasym 402
  • Terrasym 402 with Rhizobia
Terrasym Rewards

Assuming $0.22 per pound for peanuts, an average yield increase of over 200 lbs. will translate to an ROI of over $38.92 per acre.

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