Molly Edwards

General Counsel and Vice President, Human Resources

At my first job out of law school a partner I worked with at Harness, Dickey & Pierce was enthralled with microbials and the multitude of discovered and undiscovered benefits to people, animals, plants, and the environment.  Although that had nothing to do with my docket of work at the law firm, all of those conversations became invaluable when I found myself working as in-house counsel at Monsanto supporting the microbial team. After working several years with the microbial team at Monsanto, joining NewLeaf as general counsel was the perfect fit.  I grew up in St. Louis, left for years, and then returned to attend law school at Washington University.  After my return to St. Louis, I met my husband (also a native St. Louisan) and together we have four children.  So as far as hobbies go, they pretty much mimic whatever school, sport, dance or theatre activity our kids are doing!